Thursday, 1 May 2014

Professional veteran fighter, Ripper Lee, becomes a post-apocalyptic survivor

Well, I don't know how he does it! Last up was a series of six space opera novellas set around a junk yard in space with space pirates. Now that Peter Salisbury guy has gone and begun another new series of longer novels...

Professional fighter, Ripper Lee, is caught up in a global viral apocalypse. An attempt to genetically modify the human race to make everyone free of disease goes hideously wrong. Millions die, the maga-corps take over and robot troops attack an already panic-stricken and diminished population of survivors. Chased by humanoid 'Tics', Ripper drives a succession of plundered vehicles out through the Great Wastes and the Badlands while aiding fellow stragglers along the way. Fans of post-apocalyptic fiction are going to love this:

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