Sunday, 9 March 2014

Almost impossibly - Even More Space Pirates

I have no idea how I do it, either, but there is now yet another Junker's Moon story out there. This is a direct sequel to Junker's Moon: Agent Vanessa Robin, and it's called Junker's Moon: Inspector Vanessa Robin (since she's been promoted). For fans of Vanessa, this is not going to be the last anyone hears of this feisty lady.

Junker's Moon: Inspector Vanessa Robin

Vanessa Robin looked deeper into her shady past, studying news files of her exploits as a space pirate. Her ex-boss Ravenheart had ordered the news media to restrict access but Vanessa found a way to view the protected archives. Ravenheart and a Doctor Sychs had colluded in an attempt to reform her by cutting out and re-growing whole sections of her brain but as Vanessa became increasingly aware of the person she had been before, she felt more determined to exact retribution on those who had done her harm.

You would think that there was little could get in the way of Vanessa using her natural cunning and intelligence to outwit the Federal Bureau of Interstellar Space, but there are pitfalls aplenty, including a few  more weeks in an isolation ward, courtesy of the inhabitants of that vile and so aptly named planet, Parasite. Throw into the mix the sly scheming of some of the newest crew members, and you have a recipe for Vanessa Robin getting into more scrapes than she could possibly have anticipated.

And, incredibly, only 99c/76p.

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