Monday, 17 February 2014

More Space Pirates!

Another instalment in the Junker's Moon series has gone live in the last couple of days.

Junker's Moon: Agent Vanessa Robin

Marshall Brion was shocked to the core when the woman he thought had been shot dead by the Federal Bureau of Interstellar Space returned as the FBIS officer in charge of arresting Pastor Gripthorne, the captain of a notorious cult ship containing hundreds of female Followers. Now he must come to terms with Vanessa's return, not as a vengeful pirate intent on killing him, but as an agent of the interplanetary law enforcement agency. Brion has little sympathy with a much despised, commercial organisation FBIS, whose main motivation appears to be profit.

Peter Salisbury's UK Amazon author page
Peter Salisbury's US Amazon author page

"Marshall Brion, owner of Junker's Moon Scrap, Salvage and Servicing Company thought he had seen a ghost when FBIS agent Vanessa Robin came to make an arrest. Months ago, he had seen pirate Vanessa Longtail killed before his eyes, yet now her name was different and she was in the uniform of a law enforcement officer, who not only failed to recognise him, but had no apparent desire to end his life. It was a puzzle Brion felt compelled to solve but he had no idea that the circumstances were at least as troubling to Vanessa herself."

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