Saturday, 4 January 2014

Hawker's Island

Hawker's Island

5* Adventure on the high seas

Stationed in the Muniments Room at Haplow Hall, Professor Madeleine Krimpen, editor, is compelled to confront academic opinion which questions the verity of the events described in Hawker's Island. Her examination of the manuscript leads her to conclude that Titus Hawker's story of the sea-faring voyages he claimed to have undertaken in his youth are indeed as authentic as they were exciting.

In 1701 Titus Hawker took to sea, not quite realising the true intent of his ship's company. As a confirmed landlubber, he had first to assert his right to captaincy, but that was only the start of his tribulations. Bitter rivalries festered and produced treacherous plots against his very life. Frequently beset by the most unexpected turns of events, Hawker confronted a series of devious foes bent on his destruction, not least the stunningly beautiful Belle. The men and women populating this story share desperate times and terrifying adventures of death and destruction. 

This is a hugely enjoyable tale, told of canon and musket, cutlass and gunpowder smoke, quivering timbers and full-set sails. It will not disappoint.

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