Thursday, 19 September 2013

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy Matey! Oi hear tell it be talk loik a pirate day today, this nineteenth o' SeptembARRRR!

Q. Why be it cool to talk like a pirate?
A. Because it just ARRRR

OK, enough of that but what better time to mention my new series of novellas? (well, this is an indie author blog you've alighted on, me hearties)

The first 'Junker's Moon: Pirate Gold' was published less than a week ago today and features not sea pirates but space pirates. The story is set on a quiet back-water planet which is attacked by a pirate ship captained by the dastardly Dirk Knight.

"Junker's Moon Scrap, Salvage and Servicing Company had never been attacked before but that didn't mean its base of operations was unprepared. Marshall Brion began the day with no idea that within a few hours he would need all the concentrated expertise of three generations of Brions. Space pirates were inbound to the station. They were something to be feared but also to be repelled at all costs."

Read the first ten percent free online at any of the following:
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The second in the series 'Junker's Moon: Revenge' is to be published shortly.
"Junker's Moon Scrap, Salvage and Servicing Company had a surge in popularity following the capture of notorious space pirate Dirk Knight. What Marshall, proprietor of Junker's Moon had not bargained for was the thirst for revenge and ferocity of Dirk's wife."

The third in the series 'Junker's Moon: Trouble Doubled' will follow after the above.

"Junker's Moon Scrap, Salvage and Servicing Company is in a state of turmoil and uncertainty, following the grievous wounding of its proprietor, Marshall. He hovers close to death having been stabbed by Vanessa Longtail, the notoriously vengeful wife of space pirate Dirk Knight. Finding she had not succeeded in murdering Marshall, as had been her intention, she returns to finish the job."