Saturday, 22 June 2013

Hawker's Queens

Hawker's Queens - First book in the Hawker Chronicles series of historical novels

5* An enthrallingly tangled tale of conspiracy, betrayal and infidelity

'Hawker's Queens' is the first volume of twelve in the saga detailing the most significant events in the landed family of the Hawkers. From their home at Haplow Hall, the male members of the family sally forth, first acquiring what education they might, then using it to their advantage, together with native cunning, although frequently thwarted by foolhardy ambition.

The second half of the reign of Elizabeth the First is filled with treachery and betrayal amongst those at court. Vaughan Hawker, son of Sir Gervase Hawker begins as a naïve schemer, who hopes to further his career through a network of informants. He soon learns at great cost, however, that there are many better equipped and more ruthless plotters than himself. Another lesson he learns the hard way is that there is more to life than striving for advancement in the court. Other conspirators risk far more than Vaughan and ultimately, their fates are more grisly than his own.

This book comprises the personal accounts of the lives of Sir Gervase and Vaughan Hawker, each writing independently and without any knowledge of the other. Sir Gervase's life ends here but Vaughan's thrilling story continues in the next volume 'Hawker's Plot'.

Each book in this addictive series is well-researched and proceeds with tremendous pace and gusto, along with great attention to detail.

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