Saturday, 22 June 2013

Hawker's Queens

Hawker's Queens - First book in the Hawker Chronicles series of historical novels

5* An enthrallingly tangled tale of conspiracy, betrayal and infidelity

'Hawker's Queens' is the first volume of twelve in the saga detailing the most significant events in the landed family of the Hawkers. From their home at Haplow Hall, the male members of the family sally forth, first acquiring what education they might, then using it to their advantage, together with native cunning, although frequently thwarted by foolhardy ambition.

The second half of the reign of Elizabeth the First is filled with treachery and betrayal amongst those at court. Vaughan Hawker, son of Sir Gervase Hawker begins as a naïve schemer, who hopes to further his career through a network of informants. He soon learns at great cost, however, that there are many better equipped and more ruthless plotters than himself. Another lesson he learns the hard way is that there is more to life than striving for advancement in the court. Other conspirators risk far more than Vaughan and ultimately, their fates are more grisly than his own.

This book comprises the personal accounts of the lives of Sir Gervase and Vaughan Hawker, each writing independently and without any knowledge of the other. Sir Gervase's life ends here but Vaughan's thrilling story continues in the next volume 'Hawker's Plot'.

Each book in this addictive series is well-researched and proceeds with tremendous pace and gusto, along with great attention to detail.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

New historical fiction: The Hawker Chronicles

An introduction to the Hawker Chronicles Series

As a reader and writer I have a preference for Science Fiction, so Historical Fiction is not my first choice. However, when I discovered that my cousin's husband, Hugh W. Clifton, a retired schoolmaster, had embarked upon an extensive series of historical novels, I was intrigued to say the least.

Knowing Hugh to be a classically educated gentleman, I set about reading the first book with great anticipation. I was not in the least disappointed. In fact I find that the books in this series are impossible to put down. They are so well-researched that each is steeped in the very tastes, smells and textures of the times in which it is set. The reader feels as though he or she is locked in the deepest dungeon of the Tower of London, or riding in the saddle of a horse galloping triumphantly to the gates of a royal residence. Swords clash and musket balls buzz past, wreaking death on all around except he who, through daring deeds and native cunning, lives to tell the tale.

The line of Hawkers is a family of landed gentry upon which falls a rich variety of fortunes reflecting its historical context. Some Hawkers seek fortune and glory, others strive to remain genteelly inconspicuous. Falling in or out of favour, being conspired against and winning back one's heritage are all features of the Hawker history. A striking variety of engaging secondary characters is also provided, weaving their way amongst those well-known to us all from history.

Lineal descent of Hawker of Haplow
The Family of Hawker of Haplow traces its descent from Tancred d’Haucourt, recorded in the Domesday Book as holding land at Haplow, Huntingdonshire.

Sir Gervase Hawker (1550-1603)
Vaughan Hawker (1577-1654)
Inigo Hawker (1620-1715)
Titus Hawker (1681-1744)
Sir Andrew Hawker (1724–1777)
Sir Rupert Hawker (1755-1814)
Sir Richard Hawker (1793-1857)
James Noah Hawker V.C. (1834-1914)
Lionel Trafford Hawker (1857–1941)
John Noah Hawker (1897-1918)
Laurence Dumoulin-Hawker (1918-1969)
Daniel Trafford Hawker (1954-   )
Lovell Hawker (1981-   )

The series of novels to be published by Hugh W. Clifton are The Hawker Chronicles:

Hawker's Queens (1590-1603)
Hawker's Plot (1603-1625)
Hawker Cavalier (1642-1707)
Hawker’s Island (1700-1717)
Hawker’s Rebellion (1743-1746)
Hawker’s Revolution (1790-94)
Hawker Tobyman (1814-1831)
Hawker’s Mutiny (1856-1857)
Hawker’s Century (1875-1881)
Hawker’s Return (1913-1918)
Hawker’s Secret (1930-1945)
Hawker’s Deal (1969-1975)

Hugh W. Clifton's Amazon author page

I shall be reviewing the books at intervals in this blog.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Fourth Book in the Passengers SciFi Series Out Now

Passengers: Pioneers

Peter Salisbury's fourth full length novel (114,000 words +) is out now

It's available in ebook form for Amazon Kindle and paperback.

The fourth book in the Passengers series follows the accelerating development of three major colonies.

New dangers and frustrations challenge Raife and Nancy as they work to safely bring up their twin children. They must also wrestle with social unrest as Zeta Nine expands in a direction and at a rate which threatens the stability of the colony as a whole.

With less of a head start, Blis on Zexx 2 attempts to keep tight control over the colonists, despite his complete dependence on them for protection.

The Free Sentia colony is filled with dissident individuals of the Sentience race working in isolation to maintain their independence. Two humans marooned on Free Sentia by Blis struggle to keep their identities concealed.

On each planet different factions jostle to assert control over their own lives. With feelings running high, tensions inevitably explode.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better... the second novel in the series, Passengers to Zeta Nine is still free (UK, US and Canada) and for all other e-reader devices: Apple i-books, Nook, Kobo, Sony, and Diesel: