Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Roads to Freedom

In 1970 the BBC made a superb series of Jean-Paul Satre's trilogy 'The Roads to Freedom'.

It has now been discovered that the BBC still have the tapes and could re-show this series or (IMHO) better still put it on DVD for sale.

Please support the campaign to have the series re-shown/committed to DVD by signing the petition at the following link:

Tell your friends and family. This series should not be left to languish in a vault - speak out now!

The following extract is from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
"The Roads to Freedom is a series of novels by Jean-Paul Sartre... written largely in response to the events of World War II and the Nazi occupation of France, and... considered to be semi-autobiographical.
The novel series was adapted into a thirteen-part television serial by David Turner for the BBC in 1970, with Michael Bryant as Mathieu. The adaptation was nominated for several BAFTA awards for 1970."