Saturday, 27 October 2012

What is it that makes zombies so appealing?

In whatever form you imagine them, zombies are like that nightmare that keeps coming back, the one that has you biting your nails and fighting off sleep, until you fall into a fitful pit of slumber. They are every human anxiety rolled into one: fear of disease, of death, of being controlled, of losing everything and everybody. Zombies are the ultimate guilt trip – unstoppable revenge hunting you down for all those bad things you did. Now you have to do more bad things to stop them getting you.

Zombies make the most dramatic enemies. They can kill you or infect you in so many revolting and interesting ways. Then there's that disgusting green slime they secrete, and the horrendous smell of them, and the drool. Oh, yeugh!

All you can do is shoot at them or blow them up. You could whack 'em with a length of two by two but unless you're really pushed in a corner you don't want to be near enough to rely on close combat: that darned blood and slime is so infectious. If that's not bad enough, they just keep right on coming at you, until they don't have the legs to run or the hands to gouge with!

Zombies are so plausible. My own zombie stories came out of illegal bioweapons research right here in sunny southern England (in fact it's been real zombie weather today with fog, fine rain and a leaden overcast). I was only going to write the one story but then folks kept asking for more and now there are four. Right here I have to confess, I'm not a hardcore fan of gruesome zombie stories - and I do like a happy ending! Feel-good zombies stories from the UK, who'd have thought it?

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