Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Passengers to Zeta Nine - Now in Print

Yes! Passengers to Zeta Nine is now available as a paperback.

My top-selling ebook Passengers to Zeta Nine now has 'real' pages, too. Only £6.99.

Peter Salisbury's second Passengers novel:

The electronic mind patterns and DNA records of Raife Harris and Doctor Nancy Zing have travelled amongst the stars for one hundred and twenty years. They will be the first humans to see Zeta Nine.

Raife and Doctor Zing are naturally excited when they wake to find Explorer 5017 in orbit around a beautiful Earth-class planet covered in lush vegetation and warm seas. Even better, there is an apparent absence of biohazards and predators. Everything looks perfect but is it too good to be true?

Follow the pioneers’ journey as they struggle to maintain their colony. Together they battle against unseen dangers, explore a forest canopy which conceals an ancient mystery, and discover a cache of curious metallic objects.

Passengers to Zeta Nine UK

Passengers to Zeta Nine US

To follow soon:
Passengers: Revelations paperback
The Old Store: Lost Tales 2

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