Monday, 25 June 2012

British Zombie Breakout Omnibus Edition - in print

British Zombie Breakout is now available as an omnibus edition paperback.
A feel-good zombie story with a happy ending?
You're kidding, right?
No, that would be:
British Zombie Breakout Parts One to Four Omnibus Edition

This Omnibus Edition contains all four parts of the British Zombie Breakout story previously available as separate ebooks:

British Zombie Breakout - Part One: The Castle
    An ancient monument provides a temporary refuge

British Zombie Breakout - Part Two: Escape From Kilkorne
    The fugitives undertake a perilous journey

British Zombie Breakout - Part Three: Zombies Go Global
    Terrorists seek to exploit the virus

British Zombie Breakout - Part Four: Last Gasp
    When everything was going so well, suddenly it wasn't...

The sleepy little fishing village of Kilkorne escaped the scourge of the killer virus that turned most of the south west of England into a zombie-ridden graveyard. Things went quiet after the first wave of zombies were rounded up, while the government lab which spawned them sought a cure and a method of detecting a newly infected host. Before the vaccine was found, the zombies broke out again. They headed straight for the coast and rampaged through Kilkorne. Someone had to stop them before they boarded ships to spread the virus across uninfected continental Europe.

British Zombie Breakout Omnibus UK
British Zombie Breakout Omnibus US

Total 68,000 words UK price only £4.99  US price only $5.99

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