Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Old Store: A Science Fiction Anthology has Grown!

After the 'discovery' of a number of lost tales, the survivors of the Old Store post-apocalyptic stories have requested publication of a total of seven previously untold stories. A bonus here is that each new Lost Tale is around twice as long as the original episodes, at approx. 5,000 words each. These completely all new episodes are similar to those contained in the original anthology and are being published in two volumes.

Old Store: Lost Tales 1
More action and adventure set in the Families post-apocalyptic world. This first volume of stories complementing 'The Old Store: A Science Fiction Anthology' adds a new dimension to the experience of Snake's encounter with rival gang boss Rat. New stories then relate the perils the Families fall into when dealing with dwindling supplies of ammo and fuel.

Editor's note
This first volume of three 'Lost Tales' is published in conjunction with the twenty-six entirely different episodes already existing in 'The Old Store: A Science Fiction Anthology'. In the future, after more episodes have been published, 'The Old Store' will be re-published as an episodic novel, containing episodes from two books of Lost Tales, a number of prequel episodes and several sequel episodes. A second volume of four completely different Lost Tales is also available from the same author.

Episode 1 'Roleo's Rescue' in Lost Tales 1 is from the point of view of a member of Snake's gang and also from the points of view of the rival gang leaders Snake and Rat, showing what life may be like for those still surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. The remaining six episodes running through Lost Tales 1 and 2 return to the points of view of the members of the family group based in the Old Store. The series of episodes contained in both Lost Tales 1 and 2 in terms of the chronology and sequence of episodes in 'The Old Store' would go between 'Rat Bites Snake' and 'Ham Radio'.

Lost Tales 1 contains:
Episode 1: Roloe's Rescue
Episode 2: Ammo
Episode 3: Trapped

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Soon to follow - The Old Store: Lost Tales 2

Four more gripping episodes...