Thursday, 22 March 2012

Flight 1401 A Science Fiction Anthology - now live!

Flight 1401 A Science Fiction Anthology has now gone live in Kindle format on Amazon and at Smashwords in multiple formats for practically any ereader.

A collection of contemporary and near future science fiction short stories: a young man is faced with deadly danger in a post-apocalyptic wasteland; a child finds a cache of century-old 'buried treasure'; a dying father reveals a secret world to his son; on a plane trip from NY to London, a youth's computer tablet is more capable than he anticipated; and the pressure to find new sources of fossil fuels leads to an ominous discovery.

Also included is a 'sneak preview' of the first chapter of the soon to be released third novel in Peter Salisbury's Passengers series of SF novels – Passengers: Revelations. 

Amazon US Flight 1401
Amazon UK Flight 1401
Smashwords Flight 1401

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