Thursday, 15 March 2012

Back Amongst the Ruins for Passengers: Revelations Cover

'Passengers: Revelations' is the long-awaited sequel to 'Passengers to Sentience' and 'Passengers to Zeta Nine'. Here's a sneak preview of the first cover design:

We're back amongst the ruins with this cover idea. Action in the story takes place on Zeta Nine and a number of other new planets, and there's more than the usual degree of intrigue back on the mining planet, Nur.

"With the news media in a frenzy imagining man-eating aliens, Ben and Lori need all the help they can get in breaking the news that an alien race had been found. Meanwhile, doing penance for their previous misdeeds, Symch and Goster  have a surprise in store for their jailers. Spider technology is licensed for industrial use but at a price, and old foes reappear to do no-one any good but themselves. Raife and Nancy find their semi-tropical city to be more of a handful than they anticipated with dangers of its own, and their science teams struggle to make progress with the crashed ship left behind by the long-vanished Zetans.

Even if all these issues can be resolved, more difficulties will undoubtedly arise, making a fourth instalment a virtual certainty."

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