Thursday, 22 March 2012

Flight 1401 A Science Fiction Anthology - now live!

Flight 1401 A Science Fiction Anthology has now gone live in Kindle format on Amazon and at Smashwords in multiple formats for practically any ereader.

A collection of contemporary and near future science fiction short stories: a young man is faced with deadly danger in a post-apocalyptic wasteland; a child finds a cache of century-old 'buried treasure'; a dying father reveals a secret world to his son; on a plane trip from NY to London, a youth's computer tablet is more capable than he anticipated; and the pressure to find new sources of fossil fuels leads to an ominous discovery.

Also included is a 'sneak preview' of the first chapter of the soon to be released third novel in Peter Salisbury's Passengers series of SF novels – Passengers: Revelations. 

Amazon US Flight 1401
Amazon UK Flight 1401
Smashwords Flight 1401

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Back Amongst the Ruins for Passengers: Revelations Cover

'Passengers: Revelations' is the long-awaited sequel to 'Passengers to Sentience' and 'Passengers to Zeta Nine'. Here's a sneak preview of the first cover design:

We're back amongst the ruins with this cover idea. Action in the story takes place on Zeta Nine and a number of other new planets, and there's more than the usual degree of intrigue back on the mining planet, Nur.

"With the news media in a frenzy imagining man-eating aliens, Ben and Lori need all the help they can get in breaking the news that an alien race had been found. Meanwhile, doing penance for their previous misdeeds, Symch and Goster  have a surprise in store for their jailers. Spider technology is licensed for industrial use but at a price, and old foes reappear to do no-one any good but themselves. Raife and Nancy find their semi-tropical city to be more of a handful than they anticipated with dangers of its own, and their science teams struggle to make progress with the crashed ship left behind by the long-vanished Zetans.

Even if all these issues can be resolved, more difficulties will undoubtedly arise, making a fourth instalment a virtual certainty."

Monday, 12 March 2012

British Zombie Breakout Trilogy

Peter Salisbury's British Zombie Breakout trilogy has met with significant UK success. In 2012 all three parts will be published in one book - British Zombie Breakout Omnibus under the following cover:

At the moment the three parts are published separately:
Part One

The authorities should have been more careful after the first zombie breakout infected half of England and disrupted lives right across the country. Unfortunately, either someone got careless, again, or the disease was far more virulent than anyone expected. The remote fishing village of Kilkorne with its picturesque castle and harbour was the last place to expect an attack, despite its proximity to the experimental facility where the disease was invented. Once the second outbreak had been officially announced by the Ministry, anyone resisting capture was to be shot as being infected with zombieism. Alternatively you could surrender and be kept in a quarantine camp, where last time the survival rate was zero.

Refusing to accept either option, five teenagers and five adults separately begin journeys from opposite sides of the village. They attempt to stay one step ahead of an insane horde of highly infectious, half dead creatures, the army's orders to shoot on sight, and the Ministry's instructions to burn down the village. Furthermore, the endeavour was not exactly helped by a suspected case of haunting.

Short story of 14,500 words in thirteen chapters.

Part Two: Escape From Kilkorne
Zombies are still on the rampage, killing and infecting anyone in their path. A close-knit band of ten uninfected fugitives must prove they are clean by escaping the stricken village where they are trapped by the army. A quarantine cordon surrounds the whole area, with an entire army camp between the village and freedom.

What chance of survival do the fugitives have while zombies are still at large in the English countryside and when a corrupt politician and the Chief Scientist at the Breathdeep Biological Research Facility are intent on their capture, dead or alive? Who will prove to be the more ingenious, the authorities, the fugitives or the zombies?

Short story of 18,500 words in twenty-six chapters.

Part Three: Zombies Go Global
The Minister's plots deepen, the virus goes awol, and Alex and Steve are on the run again. Where will zombies turn up next and can they be stopped from infecting the world? Will Rachel ever appear on TV or will Steve beat her to it? All this and more in the third and final epidemic: the concluding short story in the British zombie trilogy (20,000 words).

How did the UK borders get closed? What happened after zombies broke out of Breathdeep in the first catastrophic rampage? How did Britain survive being cut off from the rest of the world? Answers to all these questions and more.