Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Passengers to Zeta Nine Free

Science Fiction News:
Passengers to Zeta Nine (the second of Peter Salisbury's Passengers full-length Passengers novels) is now free in lots and lots of places, including the following ebook stores:

 Passengers to Zeta Nine - Peter Salisbury

Amazon US


Barnes and Noble




Saturday, 27 October 2012

What is it that makes zombies so appealing?

In whatever form you imagine them, zombies are like that nightmare that keeps coming back, the one that has you biting your nails and fighting off sleep, until you fall into a fitful pit of slumber. They are every human anxiety rolled into one: fear of disease, of death, of being controlled, of losing everything and everybody. Zombies are the ultimate guilt trip – unstoppable revenge hunting you down for all those bad things you did. Now you have to do more bad things to stop them getting you.

Zombies make the most dramatic enemies. They can kill you or infect you in so many revolting and interesting ways. Then there's that disgusting green slime they secrete, and the horrendous smell of them, and the drool. Oh, yeugh!

All you can do is shoot at them or blow them up. You could whack 'em with a length of two by two but unless you're really pushed in a corner you don't want to be near enough to rely on close combat: that darned blood and slime is so infectious. If that's not bad enough, they just keep right on coming at you, until they don't have the legs to run or the hands to gouge with!

Zombies are so plausible. My own zombie stories came out of illegal bioweapons research right here in sunny southern England (in fact it's been real zombie weather today with fog, fine rain and a leaden overcast). I was only going to write the one story but then folks kept asking for more and now there are four. Right here I have to confess, I'm not a hardcore fan of gruesome zombie stories - and I do like a happy ending! Feel-good zombies stories from the UK, who'd have thought it?

British Zombie Breakout Part One on Amazon UK

British Zombie Breakout Part One on Amazon US

British Zombie Breakout Part One on Smashwords in multiple formats

Now also in Omnibus Edition paperback and ebook

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Guest post at Wise Words

This morning Louise Wise who runs the Wise Words blog has given me a guest post slot.

Louise's exciting and interesting blog is strongly supportive of independent authors and covers a wide range of different subjects. Please visit her blog, enjoy the posts and join up.

Louise is also an author and has published several books

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Passengers to Zeta Nine is on free summer promotion

For a limited period Peter Salisbury's most downloaded e-book is offered FREE on summer promo exclusively from

Enter discount code SSWIN at Passengers to Zeta Nine

Four 5* reviews:
- "A wonderful tale!" Thor Farrow
- "Although I rave about the technical aspects of this story, the story itself is about two reconstituted adult pioneers' struggle to understand the new world into which they have been reborn." Phil Chen
- "From the detailed descriptions of the world itself - the geography, the technology used to explore it, and how it works - it seems that the author must know the place and be reporting back to us." Helen Smith
- "The only disappointment was when it ended, and now I have to wait for another." Rose Collum

Passengers to Zeta Nine
Raife and Doctor Nancy Zing’s electronic DNA records and mind patterns have been travelling for one hundred and twenty years. They will be the first humans to see Zeta Nine, a beautiful Earth-class planet covered in lush vegetation, warm seas and having an apparent absence of predators. Everything looks perfect, or is it too good to be true..?

Monday, 25 June 2012

British Zombie Breakout Omnibus Edition - in print

British Zombie Breakout is now available as an omnibus edition paperback.
A feel-good zombie story with a happy ending?
You're kidding, right?
No, that would be:
British Zombie Breakout Parts One to Four Omnibus Edition

This Omnibus Edition contains all four parts of the British Zombie Breakout story previously available as separate ebooks:

British Zombie Breakout - Part One: The Castle
    An ancient monument provides a temporary refuge

British Zombie Breakout - Part Two: Escape From Kilkorne
    The fugitives undertake a perilous journey

British Zombie Breakout - Part Three: Zombies Go Global
    Terrorists seek to exploit the virus

British Zombie Breakout - Part Four: Last Gasp
    When everything was going so well, suddenly it wasn't...

The sleepy little fishing village of Kilkorne escaped the scourge of the killer virus that turned most of the south west of England into a zombie-ridden graveyard. Things went quiet after the first wave of zombies were rounded up, while the government lab which spawned them sought a cure and a method of detecting a newly infected host. Before the vaccine was found, the zombies broke out again. They headed straight for the coast and rampaged through Kilkorne. Someone had to stop them before they boarded ships to spread the virus across uninfected continental Europe.

British Zombie Breakout Omnibus UK
British Zombie Breakout Omnibus US

Total 68,000 words UK price only £4.99  US price only $5.99

Saturday, 23 June 2012

'Passengers: Revelations' Also Now in Paperback

'Passengers: Revelations' - the third Peter Salisbury science fiction novel is now available in both ebook and printed form.

By way of a re-cap:
Passengers to Sentience - Data detective Ben meets Lori in a body-swap encounter, only to be kidnapped on the return journey. Their quest for freedom is thwarted at every turn. Will they ever get the break they deserve and find their way home?

Passengers to Zeta Nine - Raife and Dr. Nancy Zing's craft parks itself in orbit above a lush planet apparently ripe for colonisation. Everything should proceed with predictable smoothness but what they get is one surprise after another, some pleasant, some not so pleasant.

Passengers: Revelations - Ben and Lori, Raife and Nancy, and a few other characters embark on separate adventures which overlap each other amidst the plans of criminal master-mind, Blis. Unexpected events overtake each of them in different ways, leading to the as yet untold fourth part of this story.

Although each novel is part of a developing story gradually including more characters, each book is also a stand alone story.

Produced on thick, cream paper, Passengers: Revelations has a somewhat higher word-count than Passengers to Sentience and Passengers to Zeta Nine.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Passengers to Zeta Nine - Now in Print

Yes! Passengers to Zeta Nine is now available as a paperback.

My top-selling ebook Passengers to Zeta Nine now has 'real' pages, too. Only £6.99.

Peter Salisbury's second Passengers novel:

The electronic mind patterns and DNA records of Raife Harris and Doctor Nancy Zing have travelled amongst the stars for one hundred and twenty years. They will be the first humans to see Zeta Nine.

Raife and Doctor Zing are naturally excited when they wake to find Explorer 5017 in orbit around a beautiful Earth-class planet covered in lush vegetation and warm seas. Even better, there is an apparent absence of biohazards and predators. Everything looks perfect but is it too good to be true?

Follow the pioneers’ journey as they struggle to maintain their colony. Together they battle against unseen dangers, explore a forest canopy which conceals an ancient mystery, and discover a cache of curious metallic objects.

Passengers to Zeta Nine UK

Passengers to Zeta Nine US

To follow soon:
Passengers: Revelations paperback
The Old Store: Lost Tales 2

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Old Store: A Science Fiction Anthology has Grown!

After the 'discovery' of a number of lost tales, the survivors of the Old Store post-apocalyptic stories have requested publication of a total of seven previously untold stories. A bonus here is that each new Lost Tale is around twice as long as the original episodes, at approx. 5,000 words each. These completely all new episodes are similar to those contained in the original anthology and are being published in two volumes.

Old Store: Lost Tales 1
More action and adventure set in the Families post-apocalyptic world. This first volume of stories complementing 'The Old Store: A Science Fiction Anthology' adds a new dimension to the experience of Snake's encounter with rival gang boss Rat. New stories then relate the perils the Families fall into when dealing with dwindling supplies of ammo and fuel.

Editor's note
This first volume of three 'Lost Tales' is published in conjunction with the twenty-six entirely different episodes already existing in 'The Old Store: A Science Fiction Anthology'. In the future, after more episodes have been published, 'The Old Store' will be re-published as an episodic novel, containing episodes from two books of Lost Tales, a number of prequel episodes and several sequel episodes. A second volume of four completely different Lost Tales is also available from the same author.

Episode 1 'Roleo's Rescue' in Lost Tales 1 is from the point of view of a member of Snake's gang and also from the points of view of the rival gang leaders Snake and Rat, showing what life may be like for those still surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. The remaining six episodes running through Lost Tales 1 and 2 return to the points of view of the members of the family group based in the Old Store. The series of episodes contained in both Lost Tales 1 and 2 in terms of the chronology and sequence of episodes in 'The Old Store' would go between 'Rat Bites Snake' and 'Ham Radio'.

Lost Tales 1 contains:
Episode 1: Roloe's Rescue
Episode 2: Ammo
Episode 3: Trapped

Lost Tales 1 at Amazon UK
Lost Tales 1 at Amazon US
Lost Tales 1 at Smashwords

Soon to follow - The Old Store: Lost Tales 2

Four more gripping episodes...

Friday, 6 April 2012

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Third Book in the Passengers Series Goes Live

The third book in the series is now available:

With the news media in a frenzy imagining man-eating aliens, Ben and Lori need all the help they can get in breaking the news that an alien race had been found. Meanwhile, doing penance for their previous misdeeds, Symch and Goster have a shock in store for their jailers. 

Spider technology is licensed for industrial use but at a price, and old foes reappear to do no-one any good but themselves. 

Raife and Nancy find their semi-tropical city to be more of a handful than they anticipated with dangers of its own, and their science teams struggle to make progress with the crashed ship left behind by the long-vanished Zetans.

Passengers: Revelations is now live and available via Amazon at:
Amazon UK
Amazon US

Smashwords and other ebook stores to follow shortly.

Peter Salisbury's Passengers SF Series

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Flight 1401 A Science Fiction Anthology - now live!

Flight 1401 A Science Fiction Anthology has now gone live in Kindle format on Amazon and at Smashwords in multiple formats for practically any ereader.

A collection of contemporary and near future science fiction short stories: a young man is faced with deadly danger in a post-apocalyptic wasteland; a child finds a cache of century-old 'buried treasure'; a dying father reveals a secret world to his son; on a plane trip from NY to London, a youth's computer tablet is more capable than he anticipated; and the pressure to find new sources of fossil fuels leads to an ominous discovery.

Also included is a 'sneak preview' of the first chapter of the soon to be released third novel in Peter Salisbury's Passengers series of SF novels – Passengers: Revelations. 

Amazon US Flight 1401
Amazon UK Flight 1401
Smashwords Flight 1401

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Back Amongst the Ruins for Passengers: Revelations Cover

'Passengers: Revelations' is the long-awaited sequel to 'Passengers to Sentience' and 'Passengers to Zeta Nine'. Here's a sneak preview of the first cover design:

We're back amongst the ruins with this cover idea. Action in the story takes place on Zeta Nine and a number of other new planets, and there's more than the usual degree of intrigue back on the mining planet, Nur.

"With the news media in a frenzy imagining man-eating aliens, Ben and Lori need all the help they can get in breaking the news that an alien race had been found. Meanwhile, doing penance for their previous misdeeds, Symch and Goster  have a surprise in store for their jailers. Spider technology is licensed for industrial use but at a price, and old foes reappear to do no-one any good but themselves. Raife and Nancy find their semi-tropical city to be more of a handful than they anticipated with dangers of its own, and their science teams struggle to make progress with the crashed ship left behind by the long-vanished Zetans.

Even if all these issues can be resolved, more difficulties will undoubtedly arise, making a fourth instalment a virtual certainty."

Monday, 12 March 2012

British Zombie Breakout Trilogy

Peter Salisbury's British Zombie Breakout trilogy has met with significant UK success. In 2012 all three parts will be published in one book - British Zombie Breakout Omnibus under the following cover:

At the moment the three parts are published separately:
Part One

The authorities should have been more careful after the first zombie breakout infected half of England and disrupted lives right across the country. Unfortunately, either someone got careless, again, or the disease was far more virulent than anyone expected. The remote fishing village of Kilkorne with its picturesque castle and harbour was the last place to expect an attack, despite its proximity to the experimental facility where the disease was invented. Once the second outbreak had been officially announced by the Ministry, anyone resisting capture was to be shot as being infected with zombieism. Alternatively you could surrender and be kept in a quarantine camp, where last time the survival rate was zero.

Refusing to accept either option, five teenagers and five adults separately begin journeys from opposite sides of the village. They attempt to stay one step ahead of an insane horde of highly infectious, half dead creatures, the army's orders to shoot on sight, and the Ministry's instructions to burn down the village. Furthermore, the endeavour was not exactly helped by a suspected case of haunting.

Short story of 14,500 words in thirteen chapters.

Part Two: Escape From Kilkorne
Zombies are still on the rampage, killing and infecting anyone in their path. A close-knit band of ten uninfected fugitives must prove they are clean by escaping the stricken village where they are trapped by the army. A quarantine cordon surrounds the whole area, with an entire army camp between the village and freedom.

What chance of survival do the fugitives have while zombies are still at large in the English countryside and when a corrupt politician and the Chief Scientist at the Breathdeep Biological Research Facility are intent on their capture, dead or alive? Who will prove to be the more ingenious, the authorities, the fugitives or the zombies?

Short story of 18,500 words in twenty-six chapters.

Part Three: Zombies Go Global
The Minister's plots deepen, the virus goes awol, and Alex and Steve are on the run again. Where will zombies turn up next and can they be stopped from infecting the world? Will Rachel ever appear on TV or will Steve beat her to it? All this and more in the third and final epidemic: the concluding short story in the British zombie trilogy (20,000 words).

How did the UK borders get closed? What happened after zombies broke out of Breathdeep in the first catastrophic rampage? How did Britain survive being cut off from the rest of the world? Answers to all these questions and more.