Thursday, 1 December 2011

British Zombie Breakout: Part Two

New out today:
British Zombie Breakout: Part Two

Now that the original story has evolved into a three-parter, the last part of which is currently under construction, it will be released as in three sections. The first, originally entitled British Zombie Breakout, and now re-named as British Zombie Breakout: Part One, has now been joined by Part Two.

Each is a separate standalone story but they are sequential and involve the same characters in the fight to defeat the zombie hordes.

British Zombie Breakout: Part Two - Escape from Kilkorne

Zombies are still on the rampage, killing and infecting anyone in their path. A close-knit band of ten uninfected fugitives must prove they are clean by escaping the stricken village where they are trapped by the army. A quarantine cordon surrounds the whole area, with an entire army camp between the village and freedom.

What chance of survival do the fugitives have while zombies are still at large in the English countryside and when a corrupt politician and the Chief Scientist at the Breathdeep Biological Research Facility are intent on their capture, dead or alive? Who will prove to be the more ingenious, the authorities, the fugitives or the zombies?

Short story of 18,500 words in twenty-six chapters.