Thursday, 8 September 2011

Vampires Revealed!

Rebeka Harrington seeks to define and explain vampires in a way not done before. This has been
achieved with her debut title "Vampires Revealed".  Rebeka tells everything you wanted to know about vampires, through the voice of her 3,000 year old alta-ego, Bektamun.

The ultimate vampire textbook...

The Intro:“For centuries the debate has raged; are vampires real?  There has been plenty of myth and superstition regarding vampires but not a lot of truth or answers.  In a unique piece of work, Bektamun a 3000 year old vampire, puts to rest all the myth and finally reveals the truth about the legendary creatures known across the globe as vampires.

Vampires Revealed is a journey of discovery.  Leave behind your preconceived ideas, forget the horror stories and disregard everything you think you know about vampires.  Never before have humans had and an opportunity such as this.  To know the unadulterated truth, for every question you may have ever had about vampires to be answered.”

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