Wednesday, 10 August 2011

New Book - just released 'Spirit in the Circuits'

Peter Salisbury has just released on Amazon and smashwords his new spooky anthology 'Spirit in the Circuits':

A collection of six ghost and horror stories engineered for the information age: a pair of archaeologists find their computer simulation invaded by a visitor; a killer App does just that; a cloud sucks the fun out of all of us; a dead phone rings; a lucky day is anything but; and a computer repair technician joins the fight to defeat alien hordes. The first five are completely new stories; the sixth is an extended version of a previously published flash fiction story.

In March 2011, another UK author challenged Peter Salisbury to write outside his usual science fiction comfort zone and produce at least one ghost/horror story. This collection is the result, in which some readers may believe that technology refused to fully relinquish its grip on the author, despite his struggle to wriggle free.

(14,300 words plus samples of other stories, total more than 18,000 words)

Amazon UK Spirit in the Circuits
Amazon US Spirit in the Circuits
smashwords Spirit in the Circuits


Helen Smith said...

Looks great - good luck!

Peter Salisbury said...

Thanks Helen!

Hope you've been safe amidst the trouble in the metropolis.