Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Oplontis: Roman Villa in Italy

From my visit to Oplontis, these are some more pictures from this wonderful villa:

small section of mosaic floor at the back of the villa          store room containing amphorae

bird in an architectural setting

                                                                             plaster cast of carbonised 
bi-fold doors, showing panels and hinges


I love going to such places, they are so full of inspiration and little details to delight and stimulate the imagination. Who paused with their feet resting on that piece of mosaic between two tall columns. Why was he or she looking out across the garden at the back of the villa. Did the wind rustle in the trees or the birds sing? Who else was nearby?

What was stored in each of those vessels

Why did the artist give the pigeon its almost human expression?

What secrets were kept behind those doors?

Who sat with their back against the wall next to those peacocks, resting from a swim in the pool close by?


James Everington said...

Hi Peter - sorry to contact you this way, but your guest-blog on 'In Defence of Short Stories' has been posted... I seem to have managed to lose your email address!

Peter Salisbury said...

Good to hear from you James and thanks for letting me know about the guest blog.

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