Thursday, 19 May 2011

There Was a Young Artist Called (Paperback) Andrew Birch and Sebastian Smith

Informative and Amusing 5*

I am a fan of Birch cartoons and of limericks, so appreciated this volume of such, on sixty artists various. Birch's cartoons, several of which feature his trade-mark electrified grimace, are of the gritty and highly dynamic standard to be expected by those familiar with his output in newspapers and periodicals. The Braque, Duchamp and Hirst, to name but a few, are real crackers. It is by no means a comprehensive who's who of famous artists but many of the limericks are surprisingly informative.

Overall, a stimulating, frequently bawdy and amusing collection, worth it for the cartoons alone!
In conclusion from my own hand, I offer you these:

I do find these limericks delightful,
if in manners often quite frightful
(I'd as soon try a smile
as wallow in bile)
and best when the rhyme is insightful.

The cartoons they all take a swipe
at, yes, you do know the type.
Or is it the artists
in nervous catharsis
that generate most of the hype?

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