Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ms Fixit on Bookbrouhaha

My flash fiction story Ms Fixit is today featured on Alain Gomez' blog bookbrouhaha. He is a great fan of short stories and flash fiction and is also the author of 'Celebrity Space'

Link to Alain's post

Ms Fixit is a flash fiction short story in less than 500 words. It has been downloaded via more than five hundred times.

Ms Fixit: Bernice is a computer data technician. Every day she services communications networks, both commercial and domestic. Trouble-shooting is her speciality. One morning on a routine job in the house of an officious client, events take an unexpected turn.


Helen Smith said...

I saw that as I follow Alain's blog as well as yours - it's a cute story.

Peter Salisbury said...

Thank you, Helen. I also have a collection of post-apocalyptic short story episodes in the pipeline.