Saturday, 7 May 2011

Clash of the Titans (DVD, 2010)

Thoroughly Enjoyable Hokum 4*
An immensely enjoyable film. Watch it on a big screen.

The city scenes are beyond compare, looking exactly as though paintings by that famous Victorian artist Alma Tadema, have come to life (see Amazon's Look Inside feature at Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (Pre-Raphaelite painters series)).

The `smoking' Ralph Fiennes is deliciously menacing, along with his shrieking harpies. The stomping scorpions are totally Harryhausen but the animation of real-life actress Natalia Vodianova into the slithering, snake-haired Medusa is almost believable. And Pegasus - how did they get that horse to fly?

A rip-roaring spectacle in which only the vapid gods are a let-down. If the Kraken had been female, they really would have been in trouble!

Amazon UK Clash of the Titans 
Amazon US Clash of the Titans 

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