Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Claresby Mystery (ebook) Daphne Coleridge

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In my review of The Three Mysteries, I said that I would be looking for more by this author. I particularly enjoy the atmosphere of Daphne Coleridge's stories - comfortable, colourful - and always of course with something unexpected. Her stories are told with a light touch and a warm sense of humour. As someone who likes a bargain, I have found it very gratifying to discover that in each of Daphne Coleridge's first two short story mystery books there is an extra bonus story to be found.

The Three Mysteries book Three Mysteries was published first, introducing the characters at Claresby Manor (plus a separate bonus story). The second book The Claresby Mystery describes further recent events in the long history of the Manor. The country house fair featured in The Claresby Mystery is familiar to me, as I have attended two or three of these myself. They were very similar to the one described in the story; relaxed, sunny affairs, with lots of local interest. But without the unexpected discovery of a body, as far as I know! The first story in this book is absorbing, entertaining and contains a generous helping of red herrings.

The second story in this book The Black Widow of Claresby is a delightful companion to the first. I also liked the way The Black Widow story was in the same location but quite different in character. The ecclesiastical setting is particularly authentic. Everything fitted together perfectly with new personalities alongside the familiar faces of Laura and Rupert. With the arrival of a new vicar and a potentially sinister disappearance, it kept me guessing to the end. I have become a definite fan and very much hope there will be further Claresby based mysteries.

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