Monday, 2 May 2011

Being Light by Helen Smith (ebook, paperback)

Being Light 5*

I ordered `Being Light' minutes after finishing Helen Smith's highly amusing first novel `Alison Wonderland'.

In `Being Light' the author introduces new characters in addition to some of those who were lucky enough survive past the end of the first story. All the characters are observed through Helen Smith's `satire-coloured spectacles' and are treated to her particular brand of quirky social comment. `Being Light' is a sequel only in the sense that Alison continues her search for a satisfying relationship, while juggling parental responsibilities and her work for the detective agency. The rest of the story explores the lives and motivations of a curiously connected group of individuals, as a backdrop to solving the mystery of a disappearing husband. Each character displays a remarkable ability to drift full sail on the wind of fate, while striving to impose his or her will on an all too resilient destiny.
In reading `Being Light', I missed the mad-cap humour of `Alison Wonderland' but in its place I found a more closely controlled building of tension, especially in the second half of the novel. It is a subtly compelling page-turner and I had to keep restraining myself from peeking to find out if, in the last chapter, the errant Roy met with disaster or redemption. I cannot of course spoil the fun by giving even the tiniest hint...

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