Saturday, 16 April 2011

Three Mysteries by Daphne Coleridge

Daphne Coleridge's first book of Claresby mystery stories.

Mysterious! 5*
A very pleasant and intriguing set of short mysteries, with a fourth bonus story for good luck. My personal inclination is very much towards science fiction and these stories are different to what I would usually choose. I came across the book on the UK Kindle Users Forum and found that I enjoyed it very much.

The first three stories are linked in location and by the two main characters. There is effective character development, which progresses throughout the set of three. I found I was interested in the relationship between the characters to such a degree that it was impossible to stop reading after the first story and had to immediately carry on to the second, and then the third.

The fourth story I read a couple of days later. It is a standalone and not connected with the first three. It is somewhat spookier than the first three stories and particularly effective.

All four stories are well-paced and I was quickly involved in both the characters and in finding the solution. I admit that each one kept me guessing to the end. The twist in the tail of each story is most skilfully revealed.

Ms Coleridge has an eye for detail and spreads it thinly enough to ensure that the reader is left always wanting more. I found the style very easy, natural and visual; just the thing for a comfortable evening in. I shall be looking for more by this author.

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