Monday, 18 April 2011

Knight and Day (DVD) - dangerous fluff

Dangerous Fluff  2*

I bought this movie because I thought it might be fun. Cruise is in full 'Mission Impossible' mode from the start, stunning smile, irresistible charm, deadly precision. Diaz is no less charming in a tomboyish, girl-next-door sort of way. She spends the first half of the film in a state of unsurprising bewilderment but develops what Criuse calls 'skills', which magically upgrade her ability to survive against the odds.

What starts as a potentially interesting thriller or romantic drama rapidly begins to meander into ineffective comedy drama. Cruise manages to take over an airplane in such a manner that Diaz is inexplicably oblivious. He then lands the plane, which conveniently only explodes after the pair have escaped. There then begins a sequence of episodes, where whenever the film gets itself into a tight corner, one of the leads is drugged into unconsciousness by the other, only to awake, problem solved, somewhere else. This becomes a tiresome device which is employed several times to avoid an inconvenient explanation. In between there are set pieces of action involving total plausibility failure. Don't get me wrong, I like action movies: '13 blocks', 'Inside Man', 'Deja Vu', 'Next', but let's not beat around the bush, the stunts in this movie are just plain silly.

This film really has no idea what it is trying to do: it has too much violence for it to be a comedy (innocent fireman trying to protect his girlfriend being shot in the leg - hilarious); and there are too many over-the-top stunts for it to work as a drama or thriller. If anyone can see how Cruise extricated himself and Diaz after the Spanish ninjas dropped into the warehouse and Diaz went berserk shooting up a bunch of shelving, please let us know.

Because of the bizarre story breaks for unconsciousness, the film feels as though it goes on longer than it should. The only way to get through to the end is to ignore most of this review, completely disconnect your brain, then sit back and watch two glamorous actors grinning their way through a series of hair-raising but preposterous scenes to a predictable, though pleasant conclusion.

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