Friday, 15 April 2011

Corsair Survivor Memory Stick

Corsair Survivor Memory Stick
8 Gig Marvel  5*

When my plastic bodied backup stick broke, I searched around for a metal one, needing something to securely attach to my key ring. The Survivor seemed to be the best choice. I only need to keep text files backed up off-site, so the 8 GB size is plenty.

I like the way the key ring/lanyard attachment is at the data end, so even if the strong alloy case was lost, the data would still be attached. Inside the case the stick itself is metal-clad also, so even on its own, it is still much more robust than many other sticks. Another thing I like is the bright blue LED that shows when the unit is in use. In addition to the stick itself, the package contains a handy 60 cm long USB extension cable and a Corsair dogtag with a ball link chain. There is a new method of attaching the stick to a key ring or chain. It is not as shown in most of the photos above. My photo shows the new method, which looks stronger.

The Survivor is big at approx 8.4x1.8 mm without the rubber bumpers. I took those off straight away because, although they look immensely cool, they also add to the overall bulk. As for speed, it's faster than any other stick I've got.

For my purposes, the Corsair Survivor is exactly what I need.

UK Corsair Survivor

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