Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Cloning is a Central Theme

Cloning is a central theme in my Passengers novels. In fact it is essential to my method of human colonisation of habitable planets. Here are two short reviews for films I found particularly interesting. They examine some of the personal, social and emotional issues surrounding human cloning.

A Brave Effort 3*
This made for tv movie (the 1.33:1 ratio is always a bit disappointing) works surprisingly well. The actors all know their lines. Some of the action is a little stilted but mostly the dialogue is good. The lead characters are sincere and believable. The initial premise is not what one expects as the story unfolds and there is a neat twist at the end. The subject matter is very relevant to our early 21st century thoughts on cloning and includes many moral issues, including that of ruthless corporations hungry for profit. Only downside is the organs in lab tanks that are rather too obviously fake. I'd watch it again.

Cloned UK

Thought-provoking 4*

Franka Potente (Run, Lola, Run and the Bourne films) excels as both the mother and daughter in this tense and well-structured film. The moral dilemma of human cloning is explored at a very personal level. The emotional anguish of the cloner and the cloned is brought out exceptionally well. The subtitling is good and doesn't intrude. Cases for and against are well argued throughout the plot: a thoughtful and insightful treatment very realistically portrayed. A useful romantic subplot provides the key to resolution. Well done!

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