Sunday, 19 December 2010

A Reader Recommends

It’s always a thrill when a reader has enjoyed one of your books, even more so when he or she has recommended both your novels on an open forum:

Julie Jester is working on a book about Indie Authors, which will be out for the Kindle in the New Year.

Helen Smith’s Christmas giveaway competition is over now but many of the books are available on discount. I have read and delighted in all of Helen Smith’s books. Helen runs a most amusing and interesting blog, with a great number of literary anecdotes and reviews, plus her trademark pithy observations on life in London.

Right now I am reading the superbly tense SF spy thriller Falling Star by Phillip Chen.

Two more new great places for bookworms the world over are:


Indie Writes - a resource for finding books by indpendent authors and only just started up by Naomi Kramer, author of Deadish and other 'undead' titles.

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