Thursday, 25 November 2010

Series? What series?

Did I hear someone mention a series of Passengers books in one of the earlier posts?

It all started with Passengers to Sentience – a strange title but before the end of the novel, all is revealed. It’s a bit of a mystery thriller type SF story, so I can’t give too much away.

With writing, I’m a great one for ‘going with the flow’, so when an idea popped up for using the Passengering technology, in the form it was originally developed for exploration and colonisation of distant planets, it seemed like a good idea to start getting the ideas down. What resulted was the story Passengers to Zeta Nine, which involves a pair of pioneering colonists who run into all manner of trouble once they make landfall on what they assume is their very own, gleaming new planet. This was originally intended to be a free-standing story and was a distraction to my attempt at writing a sequel to Passengers to Sentience. However, the opportunity arose towards the end of the story to make a connection from the second novel to the first. And there was still room for the novel that I nearly wrote as  a sequel.

There is a bit more detail on all of this in the introduction to Passengers to Zeta Nine. If you take the 10% free sample at Amazon or the 50% free sample at Smashwords, you’ll see.

So a series? Well, a trilogy at least. I have been working on the third Passengers novel this morning. The title, so far, is Passengers Revelations and the idea is to bring together all the main characters from the first two books.

Reading a particularly enthusiastic review on Amazon for Passengers to Zeta Nine, sparked an idea for a fourth story; one where the two pioneers of the second novel become so proficient at the pioneering business, they are asked to take on the exploration of a planet so alien and inhospitable that it is completely uninhabitable by humans. So, yes, probably a series.

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