Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Good news, everyone! Free books

My first foray into ebook self-publishing was with Smashwords.

This is a great site where you can upload your hard-crafted books. They are then displayed in a number of formats to suit pretty much any e-reading device. Mark Coker is the founder of the site, the purpose of which is to provide independent authors and publishers with the opportunity to display and sell their work, and for readers to find a wide-ranging variety of books to download. It is not even necessary to have an e-reader device, the books can be read directly on your PC or Mac via a word-processor.

Good news for readers is that many books are available free on the site. Two of my own books are free there: The First Completely Electronic Robot and Science Fiction Limerick Book and Ms Fixit. Of course not all the books are free, many authors hope readers will pay them a modest fee for their hard work. Another great bonus to readers is that of the books for sale, many (like my novels) can be sampled at up to 50%, which gives you a really good idea of what the book is about, compared to only 10% samples elsewhere.

Smashwords Style Guide and the Smashwords Book Marketing Guide are invaluable free books for authors.

To find out more about the Smashwords site, take a look at the slideshow below:

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